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    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 29

    The last step in the process we've been discussing last week is to execute! If you took time of reflection, received a vision, and made a plan what is the point if you don't execute!?!

    To execute your plan means you must put in hard work. It takes discipline, strength, and wisdom to implement your financial plan for the next year. It also may take sacrifice, obedience (to God), and creativity at each checkpoint of your plan. This is not easy but it's not impossible, you can do it!

    The difficult portion in executing your plan is understanding that execution is done day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. It is seeing that each small decision you make adds up to the vision. That means your daily decisions matter in meeting your financial goals. You're always executing something, but is it your plan or your entertainment?

    Overall, once you determine your plan, to execute it means making the conscious decision to move toward it in each decision you make. That's why your financial vision must be in alignment with your financial plan so when you execute you don't burnout. You got this! Now execute!

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