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    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 26

    I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and as the new year approaches for 2020 you go into it charged. Before the new year hits this is a good time for reflection on God's goodness and accomplishments of 2019. 

    This is a good strategy for each year in all aspects of life especially financially. First, did you meet your personal finance goals for 2019? If not, how close were you to meeting them? What did you learn from your experience and how could you have done better in meeting your 2019 financial goal?

    If you did not have any 2019 financial goals, what stopped you? What can you change in 2020 so you can get to where you want to go financially? To be honest it's going to take a plan, work, and a tenacity.

    Invest time before the new year to do some reflection on your 2019 financial decisions. Be thankful to God for what you were able to achieve in 2019. As you have the mindset of gratitude ask God for a vision for 2020.  Remember, reflection on accomplishments and gratitude to God, are powerful pieces to prepare for your financial plan in 2020.

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