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F.O.F. Financial Coaching is here to help you become an excellent steward over your personal finances using biblical principles. Through financial coaching we hope to help relieve your money woes, improve your financial quality of life, reduce money fights with your spouse, teach you to apply good money habits based on financial principles, and help you to use your hard earned money to live your dreams!

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  • Living Debt Free: What Would You Do After You Become Debt Free?

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    In living debt free, what would you do after you become debt free? First it's important to define "debt freedom". I have heard it define in two ways having: 1) No consumer debt or loans except a mortgage for your personal home 2) Absolutely no debt including a mortgage. Both definitions are pertinent.

    I asked this same question on Facebook and received some beautiful answers. Most of the answers were centered around people's individual dreams. Others were more technical such as invest (land, rentals, 15% in 401K) or save. To be a realist for a second, becoming debt free is great but it is not enough to make you rich, wealthy, or pass a legacy to the next generation. 

    Becoming debt free can be a hard fight filled with sacrificing and extra hours at work (I've been there before). Depending on your situation and the type of debt freedom your next move should vary. But the road to wealth building is typically a long journey. Even if you started with no debt building wealth is playing the long game for most people.

    As you viewed in the video after debt freedom celebrate, plan/educate yourself on the vehicle you choose to build wealth, and remember building wealth is typically a long journey. In that journey of wealth building, debt freedom can be an essential part but it's not the finish line it's the tipping point. Please choose Faith over Fear for your Finances and don't quit after debt freedom.

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