• WORK!!!! (Proverbs 14:23)

    WORK! Some of us love the word while most of us absolutely unequivocally loath the idea of even thinking about it! How can some people love their jobs while others would feel best tossing the whole thing in the trash? Don't get me wrong, not liking a job doesn't necessarily mean you are not grateful to have a job, it probably means you are not walking in your purpose or not working for the correct company. If you are not walking in your purpose the job you are doing, no matter how much the pay, will eventually cause you to resent it or even worst regret working for "X" amount of years. I remember attending a panel discussion of CEOs from some of the major companies in the city where I live and one of them said something prolific to the tune of, "If the company you work for does not align with your value system then you should leave because you may be able to stay for a while but eventually you'll end up leaving." That was one of the realest things I heard that day.  It helped me realize that two of our biggest mistakes when it comes to work may be: we are not working in our purpose (what we would love to do) and we are not doing something that is in sync with our value system.

    This really had me perplexed but it reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures, Proverbs 14:23, "All hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty" (NIV). Obviously, from a financial perspective most of us would agree that if you work hard you'll typically (and should) obtain a profit from your work. Example, you worked 40 hours in a week, you were paid for each hour you worked, and you obtained a profit from your labor. Let's call that "Sweat Equity 101". Now, think of this idea a little deeper. If you're married and you work hard on having a better marriage by communicating, going to marriage classes/counseling, dating your spouse, and so on the profit would be a stronger more fulfilling marriage. Applying this principle to your personal finances could mean working hard at learning about proper ways to handle money and practicing what you've learned which would eventually turn a profit of handling money more effectively; yielding a life style of living paycheck to paycheck. The principle here is ALL HARD WORK! Not some. Not a portion. Not a part.  But ALL HARD WORK brings a profit. Therefore, if we applied this idea to our purpose or an occupation that is congruent with our value system imagine what could grow from that in lieu of working for the sake of working (that idea of work is trash!).

    The next thing, we have to deal with are the "talkers"... I mean... I know that's not you & me.  Let's say one of our "friends" who always states things like, "I'm going to start my own business this year just wait and see." Or  "I'm going back to school to get my MBA so I can pursue my dream."  What about statements like, "I'm going to the NBA, you'll see" but way to often our "friends" have not even opened a business bank account, sent the application for the MBA, and didn't shoot one free throw over summer break in high school! May I be honest... ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! We've established the principle already; if you work hard it's going to bring a profit. So, have you ever thought about working hard at what you actually ENJOY?  Dare I say what you've been called to do? Enough with fantasizing and letting it end there.... let's mastermind and go after that dream, goal, or objective! I'm not saying irresponsibly stop what you're doing and pursue your dream at all cost but what I am saying is STOP talking about the dream and begin to WORK HARD at it even if it's 30 minutes per week at first. Eventually the hard work will pay off.  Plan the work and work the plan!  Be efficient & effective.  You can do it! Get whatever help you can afford, research as much as you can, read the books you need to read, take the class you need to take, watch the video you need to watch, listen to the podcast you need to hear, talk to the person who is where you want to be, I think you get the picture!  Remember, the main thing stopping you is... you.  Overcome yourself and be great! 

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