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    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 28

    Hopefully you took time to have reflection on this year, again through achievements and gratitude to God. Next, I hope you used your reflection from 2019 to sit with God and catapult your vision for 2020. Once you get your vision it's time to plan! Specifically, a plan for your personal finances.

    This year I place a strong focus on three areas: my marriage, my 2020 financial plan, and this coaching business with the nucleus of it all being Christ. In order to develop each of these, a direction for my finances is necessary. Here are some tips to plan for 2020.

    1. Match Your Vision & Plan
    Whatever vision you have make sure your plan is geared toward that. If your vision is to be more financially secure but your plan doesn't involve saving or investing to obtain a return you may want to reevaluate both your vision and plan.

    2. Use Goals as Checkpoints to Plan
    Goals are important in your plan because they give you a since of accomplishment. You may have 1 goal for your plan, that's great but break up that plan to have small goals within it. For instance, if you want to save $20K by the end of 2020 to buy a car or put a down payment on a home; great plan, great goal, but how do you get there? Break it up!

    Ask yourself how much do you need to save quarterly, monthly, and even weekly depending on when you get paid. To save $20K by the end of the year you need to save about $1666.67 per month. Now you have a monthly goal. Each month you can evaluate if you made it and what you need to do to stay on track. Now your monthly goals are monthly checkpoints to achieve your overall plan!

    3. Guard Your Plan
    This may be the hardest part in preparing a plan. Once you have a plan you've prayed over it and your ready to execute a new idea may pop in your head. You see someone else doing something and the temptation to do it too attacks you. Stop! Guard your plan! 

    If your plan is in alignment with the vision that was given to you have faith in God that it will come to pass. Everything you are doing should be focused on achieving that plan for your vision to fulfill your purpose. The only exception is when God tells or shows you to do something different.

    To have a plan for your finances to fulfill a purpose is best. Remember don't chase money chase your purpose. Also, WRITE YOUR PLAN DOWN!!! A plan is great, but remember implementation is key!

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