• Break It Up

    2 Minute Break Down Vol 7

    Any time you are looking to overcome a large obstacle, it's best to break it up! As I explained in the video, this was the reason my wife made a lot of small piles of leaves rather than one large one. In the middle of our leaf gathering I looked back & noticed some progress. That began to energize me to want to finish the job!

    Similarly, with financial goals or life goals when people see progress it typically helps them to keep going. Instead of making a goal, "I want to make $100K by year end" break it up so it's more realistic!

    If you made $100K in a year you'd need to make about $8333.33 per month. Therefore, focus each month on making $8333.33 which gives a measurement on the $100K yearly goal's progress. 

    In the same way, if you wanted to payoff a $100K debt in a year, you'd have to pay about $8333.33 per month. If your income doesn't allow that you may have to extend the time frame of your plan and/or make more income. Once you break it up you obtain a more realistic idea of what needs to be done to accomplish the goal.

    The concept of "break it up" can have a significant impact on accomplishing your goal. That's exactly what we did to get out of debt. We had a 3 year plan to be debt free but we finished in 19 months by God's grace and seeing the progress which helped charge us through the goal. See Money & Momentum, Part 2 for more details. By the way, the backyard looks much better:


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