• Dormant Not Dead

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 8

    Have you ever heard the phrase old habits die hard? I know I just did a blog called Habits Are Key, but it didn't address why habits are hard to change. In some cases habits are dormant not dead!

    In the fall we think trees losing leaves or grass turning colors is a sign for death but the plants are dormant not dead. The root of the plant is still strong in the earth, the circumstance of temperature dropping starts the dormant process. So, how does this apply to money?

    Money habits are typically dormant not dead. When some people get an increase in cash they increase their spending but if their cash flow drops credit cards and loans are used to maintain their lifestyle. Now their in a jam when they are left to payback loans with money they don't have causing desperation... all bad! 

    To stop this, the root of the problem must be killed so the habit doesn't lie dormant and show up due to circumstances. So, instead of allowing your circumstance, in this case an amount of money, to control you... you control it! This is why having an emergency fund is important. 

    Similar to plants in the fall going dormant to survive, your emergency fund is there for those dormant seasons of life to survive. If you're out of debt, build an emergency fund for 3-6 months, i.e. 1 or 2 seasons. This money is insurance not an investment. 

    In order to build this habit you have to plant the seed and let the roots go deep. So, if the fund is needed the habit to refill it will be dormant not dead.

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