• What Will You Be Doing?

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 30

    This scripture in Matthew 24 reminds me of GOE - God Owns Everything. If you read the chapter Jesus is speaking about what will you be doing when He returns. I have a question for you, since God Owns Everything, what are you doing with His finances He's allowed you to earn?

    I believe where our money goes is a huge indicator in what we care about. If a large portion of your hard earned cash goes to material goods what does that say about you? I suppose it depends, on what motivates you to make the purchase. 

    If impressing others by what you have or do with money is important to you that could be an issue. Even if you give money or goods with the hope to impress others this is still an issue. This is where humility must come into play, is it really about you or is it greater than you? Is it about God? Is it about genuinely helping others? That's something we all must determine.

    Right now, at this moment, if the Ruler came back to see how you did with the money and possessions He allowed you to manage, what will you be doing? Would your spending habits show you only cared for yourself? Would they show entertainment is your top priority? Would your money management illustrate laziness? How would your spending reflect who you are? Again, what will you be doing?

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