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    Happy Phriday!!!
    Is there a such thing as "Financial Security"? Even with all the money in the world I doubt it would have been able to stop the coronavirus. It cannot cure a sickness or cancer. Although money is an important resource, is it what you love or put your trust in? If that is the case, can money love you? Or does it just give you a feeling of "financial security"?

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as true financial security. Having your finances in order can help you feel more secure and less stressed but it doesn't give immunity from hardship. It also cannot give you intangible attributes like honesty, integrity, kindness, etc. You have to develop these things as well as strong moral principles, "Financial Security" cannot do that for you.

    As you continue your quest to reach your financial goals instead of pursuing "Financial Security" pursue purpose and a "why". Instead of placing security in finances put it into something stable. For me, that is Jesus Christ. In short be secure in what you believe and use money to accomplish what God is calling you to do. Instead of believing in money as a source, remember it's only a resource that when used and approached properly can be a great help to others. Furthermore, it's all His (G.O.E), so please choose Faith over Fear for your Finances and be secure in Chirst first.

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