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    Happy Phriday!!!

    I know things are volatile right now in the economy. There is a lot of news about down industries, but there are also industries that are booming even in this COVID-19 season. I've heard so many crazy things without any explanations such as, take money out of your 401K, don't invest in the stock market, buy as much as you can in the stock market etc. Not just specific to this season, but in general, Who will you listen to right now? My advice, look at the fruit!

    My wife told me, somewhat randomly, "Everybody has advice about something." Which I replied, "True, but do they even do the stuff they say?" Financially, it's pivotal that you ask yourself this when someone is giving you financial advice. In, short look at the fruit they produce.

    One of the worst things we can do is take financial advice from people who are not financial stable. For example, if you were seeking to lose weight and you received advice from three friends: Friend #1 talks about losing weight but has yet to lose a pound, Friend #2 lost some weight but gained it all back plus some extra, and Friend #3 who had consistent workouts and has been a healthy weight for years. Who's advice would you take? Who's advice would probably be the best to reach your goals? If you thinks it's Friend #1 or #2 you may want to self assess.

    This same principle should apply to your finances. To be blunt, STOP LISTENING TO BROKE PEOPLE ABOUT MONEY!!! In the example above those people may be friends, family, or loved ones. People who care about you and want to see you do well. Although your loved ones care for you it doesn't mean they steward finances well. So before you implement their advice, look at the fruit they produce.

    Some questions you can ask yourself about taking personal finance advice from others are:

    • How does this person handle money?
    • When downturns happen are they in financial panic?
    • Do they live above their means?
    • Do they constantly ask to borrow money?
    • Are they in large amounts of consumer debt?
    As I've said before, the Lord has given us the privilege to earn wealth and steward over that wealth. We can all learn more about how to better handle money, but before you choose a teacher look at the fruit the teacher produces & choose Faith over Fear for your Finances.

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