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    Happy Phriday!!!

    As we have been going through more than a month of lockdown in the US due to COVID-19 the impact is still yet to be seen. People are coping in different ways and it can be difficult to think of others in this season. For those of us who are still employed and have not been negatively affected financially by coronavirus have you looked for opportunities to be generous? Remember you are blessed to bless others.

    It is easy to forget about generosity in times like these because of the heightened attention to the virus but it should still be a part of your budget. If you are a tither, keep the faith and continue to trust God through this time (or anytime). If you are feeling prompted to give above the tithe by the Spirit, again trust God & do it. Allow blessings to flow through you not just to you. You are blessed to bless!

    Beyond tithing to your local church there may be people you come across that need help. Rather it's with groceries or they may be high risk and cannot get out to obtain essential items. Purchasing groceries for them could be a way to help out if you are lead to do so. But as you are blessed to bless, your actions can be a huge turning point in someone's life.

    We may not know exactly what God is doing during this time, but I do trust that He is working all things to the greater good for those that love Him and are called to His purpose. So if you are able to, don't stop your giving, tithing, and generosity during this time. Choose Faith over Fear for your Finances and remember you're blessed to bless!

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