• Feelings vs Facts

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    Faith Over Fear is an important concept that can be applied to most things in life including finances. That can be difficult when you are experiencing financial hardship or worried hard times are in your future especially with COVID-19's impact on the world. Instead of worrying, a good way to excerise Faith Over Fear is to evaluate Feelings vs Facts.

    No matter how difficult a situation may be it is important to get over the negative emotions of fear, anxiety, and anger to make sound financial decisions. This can be done by taking a mental step back from your situation and focusing on the facts. Not how you feel, not what you think, but the actual facts in the situation. Separation of Feelings vs Facts is important.

    For example, as coronavirus has impacted the world some people's level of uncertainty has increased, especially with employment. Before you go into a panic about your job or business first look at the facts. Ask yourself questions such as: Is there a high probability of me losing my job or business? Is there another way I can pivot and make income in a different way or industry? Are there household expenses I can cut? How many months can my savings last me (for basic needs) without work?

    As you ask yourself these types of questions take a piece of paper and put a line down the middle. At the top write Feelings vs Facts and write down your answer on each side. With this exercise you've separated how you feel from the facts. Now look at the facts to help you make the best financial decision for your situation. Discuss this with your spouse or a friend who keeps you accountable. Do the exercises separately and discuss the results with one another.

    Lord willing we will get through this, stay encouraged and choose Faith over Fear for your Finances.

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