• Negativity + Negativity = More Negativity

    From the title of this post, you can see the simple mathematics of negativity. What is negativity? I would say nonconstructive criticism, doubt, fear, worry, jealousy, pessimism... it's thinking and BELIEVING that things are going to go wrong all of the time. I cannot speak for you, but I know negativity is one of the hardest hurdles for me to get over in life. It's on the news, people in your family have it, people at work enjoy it, your friends fall victim to it, even your church members seem to pass it out like candy. With so much of it around and in us, have you ever thought about how negativity translates to your money philosophies?
    Think about your dream(s)? Is it going on a vacation to a state you've never been? Is it buying a house?  Is it buying a new car?

    Whatever it is, I bet you are limiting it based on your circumstances and your current financial situation. So in reality a lot of us dream, let our mind tell us something negative, then cut our dreams back because we don't believe we can achieve them. For instance you may want to get out of debt so you can take a vacation without the vacation coming back to haunt you in the form of paying money to borrow money through a loan or credit card. I'd say it's the best way to do it. So what if your $30K in debt & the trip you want to go on cost $5k, a lot of us let the negative bug bite us & say, "Welp. I guess I'm not going." But lets tweak that negative & turn it into, "Welp. I guess I'm not going RIGHT NOW." You see what the, "RIGHT NOW" does!?!? It gives you hope! Trust me there is always hope rather you believe it or not! Take some time to think about how you can get there and DO NOT be one of those "talkers" we spoke about in WORK!!!


    The more you think negatively about your money problems the more negative they'll become. If your a single mom and times get rough and you keep thinking & saying, "I'll never have enough to..." then unfortunately you're correct.  Proverbs 23:7 says "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..." is a REAL principle! I know times get hard and we all face adversity (from rich to poor) but don't lose hope! Begin to think positively about your money, pray and research ways so that you can acquire better money practices and apply what you learn if it is good information!

    I've let doubt stop me from starting a business, to feeling like I can't meet certain goals like paying for a house cash one day to even believing that my wife & I could not be on the same page when it came to money. To be honest what changed those doubts in my head was prayer & changing my attitude from negativity to positivity! I've been able to overcome all of those doubts now and am on track to achieve my goal in 3-5 years. As the title of the post is true so is this:


    Don't doubt!! You really can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

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