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    As the days continue on during the pandemic of coronavirus and states/countries began to make decisions on opening I'm sure we didn't imagine 2020 would be this way. Truth be told, we can't tell the future so the idea of "uncertainty" is always present. No need to panic everything tends to change, except God (He's the same), but what do you do when there is a change of plans? More specifically, how does a change of plans impact your financial decisions?

    If you are like me and goal oriented, when something happens to derail your plan it can be frustrating and hurtful. For example, if you are saving for a downpayment on a home and an immediate family member needs expensive medical attention (God forbid), a choice needs to be made. There may and probably should be a change of plans.

    It's easy to resent the person or situation or even God, but have you thought about the positives of the situation. Take time to reflect how you can refocus your priorities. Is your financial goal more important than whatever is causing a change of plans? 

    In a less extreme situation, such as buying new shoes that were not budgeted which could cause your plan for the month to stagger. In this situation the shoes were more important than your financial goals. This is not a change of plans but simply not keeping your plan, there is a difference.

    Be wise with your financial habits and plan each month financially through budgeting. But remember be flexible to know that there could be a change in plans. Things may not go how you thought and that's okay. You may have set aside funds for one thing and a life situation may slow down your progress. But slow motion is better than no motion. Plus, God may have something better for you to do in due time.

    Please choose Faith over Fear for your Finances and remember a change of plans can be the beginning of a better plan.

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