• Bad Habits

    Where did you develop some of your bad habits? Was it passed down by your parents? Is it the product of peer pressure? Did you manifest it from someone that you admire? We all have at least one bad habit, the question is how did it become a part of you? The good news is a bad habit is not permanent as long as you are willing to drop it. My advice, for every bad habit you drop pick up a good habit, that's right...replace it! Simple, right!?!? Actually, the concept is simple the execution may not be as easy.

    When it comes to your money, asked yourself the first question above but replace "bad habits" with "money habits". It may take some self reflection and digging deep but understanding why you make certain decision with your money is critical in changing your life from paycheck to paycheck to achieving goals like: budgeting, giving more, and eliminating debt. For seven days I challenge you to get to the genesis of your money habits (asking God for help during this exercise would be wise). I hope you enjoy the video and complete the exercise! Be blessed.

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