• Adversity

    Many times when we are about to start a new goal or are headed in the right direction adversity strikes immediately trying to derail us. When you decide to get your financial house in order, begin to track your money, and want to pay that student loan off, that's the day your favorite store is having a buy one get one free sale! Sheesh! It's not that we don't know what to do it's that we may not have the strength or will to do it. My advice, instead of asking God what you need to do (when you know the answer) ask Him for the strength to do it. No one said accomplishing financial goals would be easy but if you can keep your Tenacity, Purchase Wisely, and put in the Work Lord willing you'll be able to conquer adversity! Enjoy the video!

    "He gives strength to the weary
        and increases the power of the weak."

    -Isaiah 40:29 NIV

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