• Poor Mentality


    A poor mentality can wreck havoc on anyone's life and especially their personal financial situation. Rather you have a large or small portion of money, your mentality can be poor based on the way you think and how you handle yourself and your money. If you think there is only a finite amount of money in the world and you have to make sure you get yours... you may be suffering from a poor mentality! Think about how God never runs out of blessings, but if we come to Him with a poor mentality, not wanting to give Him our best or thinking He has limits, as if His blessings are going to run dry then we can start to make prideful and selfish decisions not realizing that God has not lost any power to bless. Those decisions can move us away from God, but thank God for His grace and mercy. Similarly, money, which is an amoral tool, is like a waterfall that keeps flowing, not like a good dessert at a family reunion, where once it's gone... it's gone! As money goes, remember it can be replenished with hard work and Discipline! I hope this video helps you to self access and think bigger when it comes to God, first, then your money. Enjoy! 

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