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    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic there is much to be said about "opening" the country and the world. Regardless of your feelings on what is right I notice judgement from others as decisions are being made. This really had me thinking about how we judge the financial situation of others.

    What's interesting about placing judgement on others is it takes assumptions and usually leads to comparison which can be hindrances to financial success. Financial judgment is when you look at someone and based on what they wear, drive, or how they look come to a conclusion about their coins. In truth, you can't fully discern someone's wealth by surface items.

    Judgement is often viewed as a bad thing and that's not necessarily true. Judging a situation can properly save a life or lead to financial success. But placing judgement on someone's money with little to no information typically won't help either party.

    Before you judge someone else's financial situation take a step back and judge your own. Make decisions based on your financial situation rather than trying to judge how others perceive what you are doing. Practice this along with budgeting, planning, and discipline can help you continue toward your financial goals.

    Please choose Faith over Fear for your finances and make judgments on your finances, not others.

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