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    We are almost in the month of March and the first quarter of the year is coming to a close. How are you doing with your financial goals for 2019? Do you have financial goals for 2019? I hope so! Goals are what you need to understand the direction you are going. Without them how can you gauge your progress? In the video, I am a little under the weather, but the message is clear, be intentional in goal setting.

    A good guide to creating goals are SMART goals which is an acronym for:

    S - Specific - be specific when setting a goal
    M - Measurable - be sure your goal can be measured so you can check your progress
    A - Achievable - be sure the goal is reasonable
    R - Relevant - be sure the goal is relevant to YOUR life, in other words make sure it's YOUR goal
    T - Timely - be sure you give your goals a deadline

    One of the most important things about setting goals is WRITING THEM DOWN! This may seem minuscule but it makes a huge difference. Even the Lord told Habakkuk:

    "Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run."  
    -Habakkuk 2:2  (NASB)

    Be sure to write your goal(s) down and review them consistently. I hope you all enjoy the video and are achieving your financial goals!
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