• Specific Goals & Prayers

    Last week I blogged about having financial goals and gave some tools that can help you with your goal setting. Obviously goal setting is very important and can stop you from making bad financial decisions. Please see Bad Money Advice: Financing a Car or Money Mistakes Vol. 1 if you are interested in some of my financial blunders. To expand upon goal setting I have a small testimony on how being specific in your goals, prayers, and hard work will allow you to achieve them. Check it out in the video below! Some scriptures I have been meditating on for the last month are:
    1. Matthew 7:7-12
    2. Mark 9:23
    3. John 15:7-8
    The main theme of these scriptures is all things are possible if you believe. I hope you take the time to read them, speak to God about them, and believe with sincerity that they are true. If you don't remember anything about this blog get this, be specific and believe in your goals! Enjoy the video! Please like, share, and comment! Thank you!

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