• Procrastination

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 13

    What is stopping most people from winning with money? In one word, procrastination. This idea to delay or postpone something is not necessarily bad when prioritizing but to procrastinate "just because" is a problem.

    What's interesting about procrastination is we tend to do it towards things we don't like. When I got my first job at 16, I noticed people would click in right before the grace period ended. But when payday came everyone was early to pickup their check. That is what I call selective procrastination. We have the ability to be on top of things we choose not too.

    This is important when it comes to money because earning money is an area some of us have overcame procrastination but managing it is the opposite. How do you feel spending 40+ hours a week working, getting a paycheck, and not knowing where your money went? Then doing it again in the next 2 week cycle. It's almost like wasted time and energy.

    Stop procrastinating when it comes to personal money management. Create a monthly budget for your money, use the budget to track expenses, understand where your sending each dollar. It doesn't take much time when you build the habit but it has huge impacts. Don't let the hours you spend at work be a waste at the end of the month. Enough is enough! No more laziness; no more procrastination!

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