• Habits Are Key

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol. 5

    There is more to be done with money than spending on stuff. Creating good habits with money starts with budgeting. What are your money habits?

    What is more important, how much you make or how much you keep? I hope you sided with the latter and not the former. A great way to keep money is understanding regardless of the amount of income habits are key!

    As money managers, building the right habits are key to winning with money. If you make $100.00 a week and learn to budget $400.00 a month, the habit of budgeting will stick with you when the $400.00 turns to $4,000.00 a week.

    First, there is a limited amount of things one can do with money: save, invest, spend, and give. Building the habit of budgeting with these 4 elements has nothing to do with amount of income but how to split up your income amount (whatever that may be).

    So instead of waiting until you have a certain amount of money to give, save, or invest (most people don't have issues spending) start now! Even if you only have a dollar to split, do it. Remember habits are key! 

    How to split up your income is up to you. I would suggest giving at least 10% of your income to your local church. If you don't attend church I still believe giving 10% to a charity is wise. When you give to help others, especially out of love, something different happens inside of you.

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