• Mindset Shift

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol. 4

    When is the last time you've been motivated to reach your goals? You feel pumped, you feel you can accomplish anything, you're on top of the world. But what happens when that motivation fades? You may suffer from a lack of a mindset shift.

    Motivation, encouragement, and inspiration are great; they may even start you on your journey of goal achievement. Often times they're not enough to keep you on the journey. Why is that? Well, motivation may start you but it doesn't necessarily shift your mindset. The mindset shift is key to accomplishing the goal. 

    A mindset that has helped me is having faith and a strong belief that God will allow me to complete my goal. And my willingness to do what it takes, without compromising my morals, to achieve my goal has been fruitful in each facet of my life including finances. With Him all things are possible.

    If you want to be debt free, or whatever your financial goal is, there has to be a mindset shift. First you have to believe it can be done (the "Ra Ra" is not enough to execute!) Second, you have to figure out what needs to be done. Finally, go out and do it! 

    A great teacher of mine illustrate the concept above to me. To have a mindset shift you must believe it, then know it (educate yourself), and do it (it becomes a lifestyle for you). Are you ready for your mindset shift?

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