• No Shortcuts

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol.3

    Muscle building takes time and without proper well thought out techniques it can be hurtful. The same is with building wealth, proper form with repetitiveness yields results. No shortcuts!

    There is an idea that there is a fast track to wealth building. How so? What things in life are easy to build? Even building a relationship with God may take us time. Speaking of God, in Luke 14:28 Jesus says, "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it —" Building takes time and planning... No Shortcuts!

    For example, If you haven't went on a run in 2 years then decide to visit the gym, put the treadmill on 8.0, and try to knock out 2 miles you'll see very quickly you're in over your head (I did this once... the body pain & amount of mucus in my lungs wouldn't be something I'd wish on my worst enemy).

    This is how some people approach building wealth. Jumping head first into a "sure" investment with no information, plan, or goal and get financially devastated by the result (remember my running experience?).

    Overall, growth and investing is an important part of life. But without planning, preparation, and perseverance to invest consistently in something you understand you can cause more harm than good. In short... No Shortcuts! So, how will you invest?

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