• Somethings Got to Change

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol. 2

    Does the phrase "somethings got to change" apply to you? In order to make the change going deep into your intangibles is needed.

    How often do you reflect inward to determine where you are in life? Who do you blame for where you are? Is it God? Is it others? Have you looked at you!? Don't get me wrong, there are things in life that occur outside of our control; circumstances that can literally be crippling: spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. But when life happens, how do you react?

    I know it's difficult, but a huge sign of maturity is taking responsibility for what you could have done better. Sometimes the answer is nothing but playing the blame game and being around others who co-sign (not empathize), your blame stops you from growing. So, what does this have to do with finances?

    Most people have difficulty taking control of their finances because of their lack of responsibility. Responsibility has nothing to do with fault (let the blame game go) it's realizing YOU are the manager of YOUR life, in this case your financial life. So if you want something to change... what are you going to do? 

    My advice, stop blaming, start taking responsibility, and don't let the fear of the unknown hinder you. You'd be surprised on how many people are scared to track their money because they simply don't know. That's got to stop! If you want something to change you have to start changing from the inside out! Intangible to tangible! Because are you not sick and tired... Somethings got to change right!?!?!
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