• Don't Stop Giving

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 12

    I read an article in the WSJ today about how the Vatican is using a fund for the poor to support their administrative budgets. If this is the truth, it's troubling to me. Still, I encourage you... don't stop giving!

    It's quite possible that charities or churches may not do the right thing when given money. Why should that stop us from giving? I think it does because sometimes we forget why we give in the first place.

    What motivates a person to give to the poor? It could be a calling, a move of compassion, a move of the Holy Spirit, or one of their core values. If one of these describes you, is the anger from an organization misappropriating funds enough to stop you from giving in general? Remember, don't stop giving!

    I understand, hearing a charity or church is being dishonest with money is a killjoy. But remember their decision is not a representation of you and you do not have to continue to fund bad stewardship. Also, all charitable organizations are not the same.

    To be clear, this blog is about alms giving, benevolence, i.e. giving to the poor not tithing. To better understand where your benevolence is going do some research and ask questions. Yes, this is okay. You are the manager of the money God allowed you to earn. Be a good manager and please, don't stop giving!

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