• Patience With Your Spouse

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 16

    Often times in a marriage one may be wanting to go while the other is skeptical. Sometimes the roles may be reversed depending on the topic. When it comes to bigger financial decisions and dreams have patience with your spouse. Allow them time to get on board!

    When my wife and I were focused on paying off our mortgage, we did not start on the same page. I brought it to her and she was definitely skeptical to say the least. But as I felt moved by God I knew it was the right thing to do.
    To get her on board I tried facts, numbers, kindness, tough love, but it seemed nothing worked. So, I decided to pray about it specifically (this should have been my first move) and one day my wife came to me saying she believed we could do it! Almost like it was her idea (that's fine with me, whatever it takes).

    I believe my wife needed time to process what I was asking of her. I'm the type to plan and execute but she likes to sit with things for some time. Both of those are okay, but depending on the situation one may be the better approach.

    What I've discovered from this is to have patience with your spouse when it comes to money in a healthy marriage. Coming together financially may take some time but it's worth it! Our 3 year plan to payoff our mortgage was done in about 19 months by God's grace and our teamwork. Remember you're a team so have patience with your spouse! Together you are stronger!

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