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    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 17

    Before you get married most people have a picture of what marriage should look like. After the first year, we realize quickly... "that ain't it". Whatever your dreams are especially financially how is that communicated to your spouse?

    Most people may say their financial dream is to have a lot of money. What does that mean? You could tell your spouse that but I'm sure they wouldn't get it. So, I suggest you dream together.

    This is a time where you speak about the why you want a lot of money. Is it to go on a huge trip? Is it to buy a house? Is it to have great experiences with one another? Money can help some of these dreams come true. But it won't necessarily help you have a better marriage.

    Instead of overwhelming your spouse like I spoke about yesterday in have patience with your spouse, ask them about their dreams and sit back and listen. Then speak to them about your dreams and you may find quickly how important managing your finances is to get that dream. Then begin planning after the dreams are known. Dreams first plans second.

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