• Money Can't Solve It

    2 Minute Breakdown Vol 19
    Since we've been speaking about money and marriage for the past week, I have to tell the full truth. Some problems in marriage, money can't solve it. Although money is an important aspect of life and marriage it's not God.

    Problems such as health or communication in marriage, to be frank, money can't solve it. Yes, money may be able to fund a personal trainer, doctor, or counselor but that is help not a solution. Even some of the richest people in the world get divorced, which illustrates, money is not what keeps a marriage. Good money management helps with easing some of the stress of marriage.

    The reason I wrote this blog, almost as a part 2 to yesterday's Vol 18, is to inform you that money is only an aspect of life and marriage. Don't focus so much on my money that you lose your marriage. Also, have enough sense of what your money is doing so you don't lose your marriage. Money can't solve it all the time but that doesn't mean money is not important.

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