• Invest in Marriage

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    What are areas that make sense for you to invest your hard earned money? Typically, When one wants to invest they take a risk that buying something now will grow into something bigger and better later. Your marriage should not be different. Married people, invest in marriage!

    It is your choice to spend your money on what you please. Cars, shoes, clothes, etc. But have you considered spending money on intangibles that can make your marriage better? Such as marriage counseling or marriage books? These types of financial investments can help your marriage continue to grow and allow spouses to be on the same page.

    When it comes to financial matters in marriage, oneness is essential! I know I've been on this all week, but if you have the money invest in marriage.

    My wife and I have done some material counseling, books, meet ups, etc. and it was helpful. To be honest it may be time for us to do some more as we are coming upon 5 years. There is no shame in it... we need help just like others.

    Please hear me, making a financial investment in marriage pays high yield dividends for years to come. Spending money in a marriage should go beyond gifts and bills. If your budget shows you absolutely don't have the money, books at the library are free to rent. Be wise with your spending and invest in marriage.

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