• Legacy Part 3

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    In the video for Legacy Part 3 we are discussing what a legacy looks like from a financial and mindset perspective. For some of us, thinking about a legacy can be difficult because of what is going on at this moment. Also, there is a negative idea in our society that if you inherited something you didn't work for it therefore you're [insert any negative comment]. Obviously this is a generalization, but is leaving a legacy really a negative thing? Was Abram wrong for leaving something to Issac? Was Issac wrong for leaving something to Jacob? Did David do an injustice by leaving a great inheritance to Solomon? If your answer is no, than what is stopping you from leaving an inheritance both money/possession and character to the next generation? Could it be:

    1. Materialism?
    3. Lack of Faith?
    5. Lack of Knowledge?   
    6. Laziness?
    7. Pride?
    8. Selfishness?
    9. Fear?

    I may not be able to answer the question for you but I hope you begin to self assess and determine what is important to you and your future. I hope you enjoyed Legacy Part 3 and I leave you with this question, are the choices you are making now, contributing to leaving an inheritance later?

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