• Decision Making with Money

    What is your decision making process? Do you pray or think before a decision? Or are you impulsive? Be honest with yourself, when it comes to making decision with money have you even thought about what influences you? I would like you to take a step back and think about why you make the decisions you make with money. Think about where these ideas stem from and who/what were your big influences on the money decisions you've made.

    As far as who influences you with your money decisions, how much sense does it make to take money advice from someone who is not where you want to be with money? Would you ask a plumber to rewire a light for you? I hope not! But so many times we take money advice from people like friends and family who care about us but they are not fruitful with money. I received some wise advice last weekend, be a fruit inspectors, meaning see the fruit that someone has produce before you take their advice. Understand what money means to you, it could be security, fun, caution, etc... if you need help with this check out Money & Emotions. I hope you truly determine what is influencing your money decisions and you decide to take control! I hope you enjoyed the video, Godspeed!

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