• Celebrate the Wins!!!

    When you have a long term goal such as getting out of consumer debt, it may take two years or so to accomplish your goal. If that is the case, it's good to celebrate small victories along the way. To be transparent, this is something I need to improve and I am sure my wife would agree hahahaha. Y'all pray for her she has a very goal oriented and determined husband.

    As it applies to your celebration my advice would be to be responsibly! Remember you're in control! If you surpassed a milestone in paying off debt, don't go into debt to celebrate, don't open a credit card to celebrate, basically don't do anything that would move you backward. We want forward progress! Be creative, find things to do that are less expensive or even free! You still have to be tenacious to kill debt, so don't let up! But a small celebration can be worth it to keep going. I hope you enjoyed the video! Comment below with some of the things you are doing to celebrate achieving milestones to your financial goals.  

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