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    F.O.F. Financial Coaching services will teach you to understand personal finance basics and collaborates with you to create a personal finance plan to meet your goals and values over a set amount of time.

    Free 15 Minute Consultation
    A typical consultation is done over the phone and will give me an idea of who you are, how I can help you achieve your financial goals, and determine which coaching plan is best for you. 

    A normal coaching session is about 60 to 75 minutes long and can be done with an in person meeting, phone call, or video conference.

    Other Services:

    Premarital Financial Counseling 
    Money problems are the leading cause of divorce in America today. I can help couples "get on the same page" with money before your marriage begins and avoid some of the mistakes my wife and I made. This would not replace premarital counseling with a counselor, pastor, etc. but will supplement it and help your marriage begin on a solid financial foundation.

    Event Speaking & Presentations
    If you are in need of a speaker for events, seminars, or conferences with personal finance knowledge who is actively practicing biblical financial principles and has became 100% debt free (house & everything) with those principles please contact me at foffcoaching@gmail.com. I would be elated to bring a fun and informative personal finances learning experience to your event! 





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