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    Happy Phriday!!!
    From the video, you can see I've been making deals and developing my poker face. Making a deal is a good way to obtain some of the things you want and help someone get rid of something they may not want. As we look to make deals with others keeping a poker face is key! Here are three tips to make a successful deal:

    1. Be Able to Walk Away
    No matter how bad you want something to get the best deal you have to be willing to walk away. Once you become emotionally tied to an object your ability to keep your poker face begins to waiver. This can cause you to overspend or make desperate decisions. So, before you start seeking a deal for something you want develop your poker face by deciding you will walk away if the deal is not for you.

    2. Be Kind Yet Firm
    Developing a poker face is not a license to disrespect someone. In deal making, being kind and keeping your cool may get you the results you want. Kindness, does not mean weakness, so be firm and clear on what you want. To be unclear is unkind. If things do get emotional during a deal, no need to take it personal. Just as you want the best deal so do they. There is nothing wrong with walking away and coming back to the table.

    3. Develop a Poker Face
    Using tips 1 and 2 should help you develop your poker face in making a deal. As you are seeking items, cars, or a home do your research, determine what you want to spend, then seek what you want. This can help you develop your poker face and easily walk away from bad deals.

    Although getting the best deal possible is typically what people shoot for, remember the best deal is the one that works for all parties involved. So, please choose Faith Over Fear for your Finances develop your poker face and make the deal.

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