• Stay The Course

    Happy Phriday!!!
    I know this may not seem like the happiest of Fridays with changes in most of our lives due to the coronavirus. The best thing we can do is keep a sound mind and yield from panic. From a financial perspective layoffs/furloughs have began, the stock market has become more volatile, and the market is declining rapidly. At times like these, it's important to stay the course.

    To stay the course means to be committed to your financial plan. If you are saving for retirement in a 401K or IRA remember a down market means securities can be bought at a discounted price. For those looking to retire in 5 plus years, this is a good thing.

    If you are trying to get out of debt, remember it's important to take care of your food/water, shelter, transportation, & clothing. Your basic needs for survival are more important than paying your debts. Be wise and don't put yourself in a position to lose hope.

    Although things are crazy right now, consider your "why" in getting your finances in order. Having your finances in order can help you better get through times like these. Please choose Faith over Fear for your finances and stay the course!

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