• Get Ahead of Debt Collectors

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    The best way to shake debt collectors... easy answer... pay your debt! Well duh! But sometimes it's not that easy. Unfortunately there is a lot of emotion that can go into being in debt. You can feel pressure, worry, fear, anxiety, or overwhelmed. As weird as it may sound a great way to get ahead of debt collectors is to... call them!

    Consumer debt is a huge issue in the U.S. with it hitting a new record of 14.2 trillion as of Q4 of 2019. This is something most Americans are going through. I do believe paying debt is important to becoming wealthy but what if you don't have the money? Most people try to ignore debt and hope it will go away but that won't solve your problem. If you are in debt and can't pay call them!

    Come up with a game plan on what you can pay, remember, to take care of your necessities first: food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. If you are supposed to pay $100 a month but can only pay $50 tell the collectors that's what you can do until you get back on your feet. After that do it! Consistently! Continue to call them and be firm on what you can do. This is not easy but it's better than ignoring the problem and hoping it doesn't come up again because more than likely it will.

    Remember the tip to get ahead of debt collectors make a plan of what you can do, call them, and do it with consistency. It may not be easy but it can help you to position yourself to meet your financial goals. Please, choose Faith over Fear for your Finances!

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