• Biblical Finance Class Debt - Part 1

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    Debt is something, typically money, that is owed or due. In F.O.F. Biblical Finance Class Debt - Part 1 the question was asked, "how do you feel about debt? Why?" Dig deep and ask yourself this question in hopes that it puts things into perspective on your personal view of debt. If you were unaware, personal finances is about 20% numbers and 80% behavior, so in most cases a mindset change should happen before behavior can change. In the video below, answer some of the questions in the class and start to understand yourself more concerning debt.

    There were some good points in this video but one of the best is: "going into debt is borrowing from your future to pay for your past". The more debt you happen to accumulate the more you spend your life having to pay what you owe! It can get to the point in some cases where so much debt is amassed that people lose hope. But do not lose hope! Although you walked into debt, with some good planning, a willingness to work, and steadfastness you can get out! Don't add to the personal debt count of America as of Sept. 2018 of 13,200,000,000,000.00 (yes, that is $13 trillion!). Each section of this class will go into these action items:

    1) Identifying Ways to Count the Cost of Debt
    2) Discussing the Relationship Between a Creditor & a Debtor
    3) Giving Tips to Pay Off Debt

    I hope you all enjoy the class and ask yourself the difficult questions about your relationship with debt. I leave you with this, is staying in financial debt God's plan for your life? 

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