• Biblical Finance Class Debt - Part 4

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    Debt can be a very stressful and burdensome master that can feel impossible to shake at times. In our culture going into debt, especially for things that decrease in value as well as trying to increase one's credit score is normal. What does increasing your credit score mean? Really, it's illustrating that you pay what you owe but it also means, in some cases, you have paid a lot of interest to a lender. As you saw in the video there was discussion about credit and debt along with how it seems to play a pivotal role in society. Some people believe a high credit score is important others believe without credit you can't function in society, but I hope you observe that there are ways around credit. The phrase "cash is king" is still true today, unfortunately early in most of our adult life we get hooked onto credit cards or auto loans and have to keep working to pay what we owe. How much harder can it be for you to walk in your gift with pressure of debt looming?

    If you are interested in getting out of debt here are a couple of tips I shared in the video:
    1. Figure Out & Understand Your Why

    2. Develop a Plan and Execute it with Tenacity

    3. Use the Debt Snowball Technique

    Each of these tips are helpful ways for you to eliminate debt and live a debt free life. A debt free life does not mean you have no cares but it will help you to have more options, pay attention to your money, and Lord willing develop generational wealth.

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