• Credit Card Rewards???

    I'm sure you've seen the multiple advertisements about credit cards including their marketing of credit card rewards. These rewards can be cash back, discounts on gas, travel miles etc. but are they really worth it? I suppose some people believe they are getting "ahead" with these rewards but I don't necessarily agree. 1% cash back may sound good but to get $1,000.00 back you would have to charge $100,000.00 on that credit card. It seems to me credit card rewards are high risk no reward. Where is the risk you ask? Well, if you happen to forget to pay the full amount of your credit card or only pay the minimum balance you'll be charged approximately 14% to 26% interest depending on the card. So, how is risking a high interest rate worth only getting 1% back? Doesn't sound like a good deal to me. Let me know what you think; please like, share, comment and check out the video below!

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