• Buy Luxury Last

    As the mindset goes, "I work hard so I'm going to get what I want." How goes your bank account? How goes your retirement? How goes the inheritance for your children? How goes your other income sources? The last question is not necessary but I hope you get the point. I know clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry, purses and so on are all attractive but where does it get you financially? So why are these the items we tend to buy first? Is a car payment worth half of your paycheck? Don't get the wrong idea, there is NOTHING wrong with having nice luxurious items but how much are you contributing money toward luxuries each month? How often are you contributing to luxuries each month? Finally, to obtain luxuries in the short term is it negatively affecting your future? The concept of buying luxuries last was first introduced to me by the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which spoke about buying income producing assets to pay for your luxurious items. Obviously, I am not in agreement with going into debt but I am in agreement with being solutions oriented developing debt free ways to increase your income. As a final note, if you are struggling with spending money on luxuries, try giving first. If you are a believer tithe first to God and see what happens; I believe you'd be pleasantly surprised. I hope you enjoy the video! 

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